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Today is TWO YEARS with Ben!! Holy crap, it's been a lot of ups and downs... hahaha jk it has actually been extremely easy. I am so lucky to have him by side and always there to talk to him. He really is my best friend *cry/eyeroll emoji*. It's actually been much longer than two years but ben was a baby and took forever to make it "official." 

We have such a big weekend (his brother is getting married!!). I already am super tight with his (almost!) sister-in-law so we're already basically sisters;). Pray for the whole Hengst fam (plus me) that the wedding is amazing and that they have the best day ever!

Here is a video I made of Ben and my high school years... We are NOT a PDA type couple at all but theres a few awk parts so beware. It was young love, give us a break people;).

(eighth grade graduation)
 Freshman year Homecoming
(lol ugliest pic of all time plus cut other people out) Sophomore year Homecoming
 Prom Junior Year
 (Homecoming senior year)
 (prom senior year)
 (also prom senior year)
(random pic from this summer)
(engagement pictures!!! haha jk!!)
fav pic ever of us


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This is one of my favorite holiday desserts, it's SO good!! Even when it is freaking freezing outside (I live in Wisconsin), I still could go for one of these. Also, if you're in a dorm and have a blender this would be a perfect treat for you!

-2 cups milk
-4 packets of hot chocolate mix (the cheaper, the better in my opinion!!)
-3 cups ice
-Chocolate sauce
-Whipped cream
-Peppermint schnapps (if you're over 21 of course!!)

This is so easy... all you do is combine the milk, hot chocolate, and ice (also the peppermint schnapps for spiked drink) into blender. Blend until completely mixed. Put in cups and if you want to get fancy you can "decorate" them like I did in the video.



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Christmas is right around the corner and I have been a busy elf (lol at myself) getting all my gifts together for my friends and family!! Along with me getting gifts for my loved ones, I have people asking me what I want as well and for some reason I can't think of anything!! I feel like I have everything I need and I am starting to want more practical things (gas money, money in general, gift cards for food). However, there is one thing I really, really want and I think everyone will be with me on this one... Lash Boost!! I have had fake eyelashes on before (the ones that last a few weeks) and I seriously felt like a new person haha I just looked so much better!! I love that Lash Boost gives the same effect but its actually MY lashes! I really think thick, long lashes make such a difference and this stuff looks like it works SO well. 

One of my good friends, Karen,  is a Rodan and Fields consultant and she is always showing me the most amazing products Rodan and Fields comes out with!! I have wanted soo many of the products but as my Christmas list shows, I want the Lash Boost SO bad! Lash Boost is a nightly eyelash condition serum that is used to enhance the natural appearance of your lashes in as little as four weeks...c-r-a-z-y! It results in fuller, longer, darker-looking lashes that is easily applied just like eyeliner is on your lash line. It also can be used on your eyebrows to help grow those bad boys out. 

I'm hoping Santa really comes through for me this year and next month you'll see me with some killer eyelashes. You can order your own Lash Boost HERE or send the link to your Mom, Dad, boyfriend, Grandma, sugar daddy (haha jk) to hint to them that you want your own Lash Boost!

Here are some before and after pictures:



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When you go to college there are many things you think of bringing... comforter, futon, tv, etc. But, there are some little things that you just don't think twice about (at least I didn't). For me, it was that I had no idea that it would rain so freaking much where I go to school!! We have been pretty blessed with our weather this year regarding the temps outside, but I do feel like there were a few weeks where it rained the majority of the week. Here is a list of a few things I would definitely recommend bringing to college!

1) Rain jacket- duh! I actually completely forgot about this and the night before I left for college. I quickly ran to Target just hoping they had something. I ended up getting THIS rain jacket and really love it.. super affordable and actually pretty cute. I also know a lot of people who have THIS one. 

2) Rain boots. When I came to college I debated not bringing rain boots just because of how bulky they were and how much room they would take up. While they do take up some room, I wear them all the time (even if its not raining:/) and love them! I have this pair of Hunter boots and really do love them. The only bad thing I have to say about them is that my feet literally feel like they freeze off in them but they do have THESE inserts that would make it more better.

3) Umbrella. I completely forgot about bringing an umbrella! I ended up running to the closest Walgreens to get one (which ended up breaking on the first day-ugh!) but it made it such a more enjoyable experience walking across campus. These are some cute ones HERE and HERE

4) Waterproof backpack. I didn't know this before going into college, but make sure you either have a really good backpack that is waterproof or bring bags to put your backpack in. At my school we rent all of our books and if you get your books wet, you basically have to buy them which is soo annoying. I guess last year on the day the books were due, it was raining really bad and peoples books got so wet that they were just throwing them off the bluffs (my school is surrounded around bluffs). I have THIS backpack right now but would definitely get THIS (really love that one) or THIS one if I was picking them out all over again. 

Side note that doesn't really have anything to do with this- I was the total idiot who had NO idea that my school gave the students all the books for free. While that is so nice, I thought I was being very proactive and ordered all my books ahead of time. I had to return all of them which was a pain so make sure you check with your school ahead of time!

5) Scarves. I didn't make too many scarves but having a few is nice because for one, they keep you warm but even more importantly, if you're feeling a little risky you can go braless and just cover yourself up with a scarf;) ohhh yeah. I just found this store today called Bohme and they have the cutest scarves (and cutest clothes!).

(surprise!!! my roommate and I are engaged;)... haha jk were just hilar (some would say creepy) and bought ourselves "engagement" rings on Black Friday for a whopping $15 dollars originally $ just can't pass a deal like that down ;)))) and no, our bf's do not think this is funny in the least bit)



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*I got my curling iron HERE*
In the last few years, I have completely gone from straightening my hair to always having it curled. As sad as it is, I am just not a person that can walk out of the house after I showered. It takes a full team to get this girl ready;) Here is all about how I do my "big" curls!



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Hey guys! One of my favorite days of the year is here....Cyber Monday! Here is a quick roundup of some of the best sales of the year that will make your shopping a little easier (& faster!).

NEIMAN MARCUS | $750 gift card with qualifying purchase with code GC4YOU
J. CREW | 40% off with code MONDAY
SAKS | Earn up to $750 gift card with code CYBER16
GAP | 50% off EVERYTHING including tons of new arrivals with code CYBMON
NORDSTROM | Extra 20% off sale items
MADEWELL | 25% off your entire purchase!
ANTHROPOLOGIE | 20% off full price items with code STACKS
URBAN OUTFITTERS | $15 off orders of $75, $50 off orders of $150!
ASOS | 30% off EVERYTHING with code THANKFUL30
SHOPBOP | Up to 25% off your order with code GOBIG16
REVOLVE | Select holiday looks on sale!
AMAZON | Cyber Monday deals up to 77% off on select items 
ANN TAYLOR | 50% off everything & free shipping with code CYBER50
BAUBLEBAR | 35% off 2+ items with code SAVE35, 25% off everything with code SAVE25
BERGDORF GOODMAN | 40% off men's and women's designer
BLOOMINGDALES | Take 25% off a selection of regular and sale-price items, free returns and free shipping
EXPRESS | 50% off everything & free shipping on all orders
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J.CREW FACTORY | 60% off everything, extra 40% off sale with code HAPPYSALE
KATE SPADE | 30% off with code WIRED
LOFT | 50% off everything with code CYBERMONDAY
MACY'S | Extra 20% off and free shipping with $25 purchase, use code CYBER
OLD NAVY | 50% off everything, discount applied at checkout
SHOW ME YOUR MUMU | 50% off with code MUMUSALE50  
SOLE SOCIETY | 30% off the entire site
T3 MICRO | (the best and cutest curling iron!) 25% off with code T3CYBER16
TORY BURCH | 30% off everything with code THANKS
West Elm | 50% certain Cyber Monday deals 
LULU's  | Take an extra 40% off all sale items with code 40CYBER

Happy shopping!


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(yes, I am getting a card made for us this christmas.... hah! Jk, but I really did think about it;)

If you know my family personally, you know every one of us has a big personality that we are not afraid to hide. Every year I "make" my family take Christmas photos and excuse my language, but if you want a shit show you should have witnessed this. In the last two Christmas' with my parents divorce, the family picture taking process has got much more complicated. We have the situation of dealing with that on top of my sister Shelby screaming (she doesn't really realize the difference between speaking and yelling) and Stella doing whatever Stella wants to do, and me being my bossy little self trying to make sure everything looks p-e-r-f-e-c-t. I do really feel bad for the families around if they wanted a peaceful tree picking out experience. If you're around the Zangs, peaceful is the last thing you would get. Whether these pictures end up getting used on a card or not, these are memories captured that will last a lifetime. #deep
(this picture was obviously very forced and Ben did NOT want to take it but seriously I'm obsessed... love him:')

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