this spring break has been spent road tripping across the Midwest in hopes of finding a college that I could see myself going to. going into this I was really unsure about this whole process and didn't want to come to the realization that this is happening and it will be here before I know it. it's actually been way better then I imagined it to be and two colleges in so far I could see myself at both. at first I wanted a college that was small so I would know people and have a close relationship with my professors but after touring University of Minnesota im thinking that I now want a bigger school. 
University of Minnesota- Liked this school so much more then I thought I was going too. I really liked the dorm I saw but keep having to remind myself that they're not all like that. this school has a really good mass communications program which has a lot of internship options. it also is probably the closest to home I will go.
University of St. Thomas- This school is definitely much smaller. I really like how they have walk-on sports and closer relationship with the professors but I am wondering if I should go out of my comfort zone while I have the opportunity. at the same time, I do think I would get adjusted to this campus better because im surrounded around people that come from a similar background as me.
Kansas university- we just got here today but I already love it. this is by far the farthest from home and the farthest I will go but it has a really cool downtown with the cutest places to eat (aka the table view I have in the pictures, so good). I haven't gone to the campus yet and from the map it looks farther from downtown then I would like but i'll see tomorrow as we explore.


wishing I was some place where I could have taken this picture but sadly no, 1.

1// Guess what?! It's finally spring break! This couldn't have come at a better time and I am ready to get away from everything- even if it's on college visits.

2// I stuck to my word and actually joined track. I am terrible at it but really enjoy it. The people I am with are really nice so it makes it a lot better.

3// Prom preparation is in full swing and I am about to go get my dress altered. Everyone is asking in such cute ways and I am so excited to see how the night turns out.

Is it bad I can't think of anything else? I have been so busy recently which is exactly what I needed because I was going insane not having anything to do. I can not wait for next week and hoping it determines a lot considering I have no idea where I want to go to college. It will also bring back some of the mother-daughter trips that haven't happened since I quit gymnastics so it will be a very fun week:).


lately I have been super into watercolor lettering. i have admired people that are good at this (like A Fabulous Fete- i literally dream of being that good) and have tried doing it myself. it never turns out how i invision in my head so i usually get frustrated... i know, not the right way to go about it. i had a super laid back weekend of basically doing nothing so i decided to try water coloring again and i finally feel like i am getting the hang of it! of course there's a ton i would fix but i am really happy with how they turned out.
im thinking about doing a download of something spring related but have to perfect it first;).


01. this would be perfect for a photo backdrop. anything with flowers has been pulling me in lately. so ready for winter to be over!  

02. this is my dream kitchen. seriously, I wouldn't change a thing.

03. I have been craving summer hardcore and these remind me exactly of that. will definitely be making these once summer finally decides to show up.

04. I have been looking for internships for the summer recently and in the process I have had to write emails. I have never really had to write formal emails for anything yet so its been  great learning process for me.  my email skills definitely need a little sharpening up and this post taught me a ton!

05. I know, I know, two of my pinterest finds are me complaining about how much I am over winter and here I am with snow angel cupcakes? how could I not though, these look not only delicious but beautiful as well. ever since I made the rose cake last week I have been on a baking high.
I am thinking about making this a series every other week- let me know what you think! Make sure to check out my pinterest.
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01. cover your wood numbers [or letters] in mod podge and cover with glitter. shake off excess glitter and let dry.

02. spray numbers with clear spray paint to make sure all the glitter stays in place and doesn't get on your cake.

03.  hot glue wood sticks onto the back of the numbers making sure to position it so you can you cant see any of the sticks from the front.

Tip: i thought i was genius and bought glitter spray paint and i am here to say it does not work- at all. stick with actual glitter.