birthday wishlist

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Now that it is officially August, my birthday month is in full swing. Yes, my birthday month. I like to take advantage of this day for as long as possible;). I've gathered up this list of my birthday wants this year (mom I did this for you). Usually I have one big ticket item that I ask for my birthday but this year I don't really have a set thing. 

On another note, the beach was amazing minus the no wifi for a week... my data is beyond used. And for a really bad note, my camera broke. Right now its on its way to Canon to see how much it will cost to repair but if its close to the cost of a new one that might be where all my birthday money is going, ugh. 


  1. Great wishlist, I hope you get them all for your birthday!

  2. Hope you have a great birthday month and that your camera isn't too expensive!!!! I love that cell phone case!!


  3. Awesome wishlist! I especially love that Rebecca Minkoff purse!