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      Okay, yes I agree, for a dorm room this looks a little excessive. Buttt, everything I found is relatively inexpensive and can easily be used in an apartment for years to come. I've been non-stop searching dorm stuff and everything I have found just does not go with my style and looks almost tacky (I know, I am high maintenance). So, I thought I would find some cute dorm decorations and necessities that you would have to get and mix it in with some things you do not have to get at all to create a really chic dorm. 

       Also, I am planning on living in a suite so it has its own bathroom which is why I have all the bathroom supplies. Obviously it wouldn't apply if you were in a shared floor bathroom. My plan is too gradually collect everything I want this year so by the time I move in I am all set and happy with how my little space is. 

Also, BIG NEWS! I am partnering with Cate and Chloe! It's a super cute jewelry company that creates a really similar idea as Ipsy or Birch Box and once a month sends a package with two pieces of jewelry. Lucky for us, they gave me a 25% off coupon code for all of you to use towards your first month: BYSOPHIELEE25


  1. Loving that marble cutting board - adds just a touch of chic to any place!

    C's Collection |

  2. Love the marble cutting board & mug! H&M have had some amazing homewear lately. Also, I think link number 18 is wrong - it sent me to some towels? haha x

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

  3. I love your picks!! Great post!

    Mademoiselle Coconath

  4. I love your pics :) Kisses from France, Sand.