To all my doubters out there that think that fur vest was a waste of money cause I would never wear it (mother) was way wrong. I have worn that thing more times than I can count. I do figure that in the next few years I will probably look back at this and wonder what I was thinking about wearing something like that but hey, you have to get out of your comfort zone sometimes! I wore this on the 23rd of December in New York where it was 60 degrees.. how?! Now that Christmas is over and there is snow everywhere in Wisconsin, I am wishing that I could get that 60 degrees back. Hope everyone is having a great start to the first week of the year... And not already failing on some of your resolutions! #guilty


  1. Love the black and blue look! I love the mention of your mom saying you would never wear the vest - my mom said the same about a pair of booties I purchased 3 years ago and I wear them like 4/7 days of the week still!


  2. What a cute look! Love the vest!!