I am so excited about this DIY! Throughout the process of designing Shelby's room I have constantly changed my minds about the certain things I want. However, this was one of the only things that I knew I wanted. In the beginning I didn't think I was going to make these myself but after seeing the price tag of these bad boys in stores I knew that if I wanted it I needed to make it myself and luckily for they were so easy! AND cheap! Less than 10 dollars per rod.. pretty good if you ask me. 

-Copper pipe (mine was 3/4" wide and 10 feet long)
-Pipe cutter
-3/4" copper tube cap (2 of these)
-3/4" copper-plated van hanger (2 of these)
-Ketchup (optional but recommended)
-Nail polish remover (optional but recommended)

Step 1: I began by cutting my pipe in half (because I was doing two windows). I then cleaned the pipe with the nail polish remover which gets the words off the pipe and ketchup which removes the red tint. 
Step 2: Place the tube cap on. 
Step 3: Measure out where you want the van-hanger to be put in relation to the window. Screw it in and hang your curtain up. It's that easy!! 

TIP: Make sure to hang your curtain close to your ceiling. It will make your room look SO much taller!

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