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A quick round-up of some of my fall favorites. Hope you are having a great Monday!



     Before I begin on the actual exciting stuff in this blogpost, I want to give a h-u-g-e thank you to everyone that has said nice words about my blog. In the past few weeks since I have started posting things on Instagram I have had friends and strangers email me, text, message me on social media, and even come up to me in person to tell me that they read my blog and really enjoy it. You have no idea how self-conscious and embarrassed I sometimes feel putting myself out there on this website, so I really, really appreciate it. 

It has been over a year since I started this little blog of mine and throughout the past year I have learned an immense amount of information. I actually began By Sophia Lee because I started balding. Long story short, I was diagnosed with Alopecia which is balding caused by stress. I know hair is such a superficial part of you, but when I found out I literally thought my life was over. Part of dealing with this was that I had to see a therapist to talk about why I am stressing that much over stuff. The therapist recommended I start writing to help be a stress release of sorts and since I have followed blogs as long as I can remember, it was quite fitting.

A few weeks later, without anyone by my Mom knowing, I started By Sophia Lee. I was so embarrassed and thought I would be bullied at school if anyone found out so I kept it a secret even to my best friends. They ended up finding it anyways and I am happy to announce that ever since it has been public to the world, not one person has made fun of me. Everyone has been super encouraging and while sometimes I wonder what people actually say behind my back, I have to remember that I can't let anyones opinions stop me from doing something I enjoy.

Blogging has taught me skills that have been extremely beneficial from communicating with readers, emailing businesses, setting a time schedule, and continually using my creative juices. Since this blog is technically a business because I am making money through it, I was able to get credits in school. I also strongly believe that because of this blog, I have been able to receive interviews and jobs.

Now onto the exciting stuff, HOW I MAKE MONEY BLOGGING:

DISCLAIMER: Compared to many other peoples blogs, I have an extremely small following yet I still make money. I am very happy with the number of readers I have and hope to grow it to be much more but even with a small amount it allows me to have spending cash each month so I rarely have to go into my savings. 

1. I run my blog through a Google run program called Blogger. Because it is through Google, I can install Adsense which puts ads on my blog. After a certain number of people sees that, I get money. I also get even more money if someone clicks the ad. Same goes with my Youtube channel, I have it monetized so that ads play sometimes before my video. Every time that ad plays, I get money. It is not a lot of money at all per view, but after awhile it adds up.

2.  If you're a reader of By Sophia Lee you know a lot of my content is fashion based. I am a ShopStyle collaborator which means I work with a website that works with big name brand companies. Every time I link an item on my blog and someone clicks on it or buys it, I get paid. For example if I post an outfit and link where I got a shirt like, SHIRT, and someone clicks it I get paid. Once again, it is an extremely small amount of money but anything helps. Remember, I am an extremely broke college student.

3. Lastly, I work with companies which will either pay me for putting something on my blog or give me an item for free. It's marketing for them, and something I like for me. BTW, I only post stuff I would 100% recommend to my readers. I get a ton of emails that don't fit my "brand" that I would never post to By Sophia Lee due to me wanting to keep my content as much to my liking as possible.

I want to be very clear about something- Blogging may seem easy but it's not. I don't even want to calculate the amount of time I spend on my blog to the amount I am making because it would equal out to me making basically nothing. I am writing this post however to let people know how much it has impacted my life and that if you have been thinking about starting a blog, GO FOR IT! I would not recommend starting it just to make money though because if you do it for that reason you're going to quit it within months. Once again, thank you to all the people that follow along and keep up with my Blog and Youtube Channel, you guys are the best!!

Background picture by the amazing Design By Aikonik.


 Shirt // Pants (on sale!)  // Boots (Similar)  // Purse (Similar) // Sunglasses

Yes, yes I have gone back to my dark days ;). If you have no idea what I am talking about, I went dark again for my hair! I have a natural dark brown hair color but I went even darker than it usually is and I really like it! Well the blonde (kind of blonde) hair was fun for summer, it was time to move on.  It also feels SO much healthier! This week I have something really exciting happening (and nerve-wracking) that I can't wait to tell you about! Not yet though;)


Shirt // Cardigan // Pants // Shoes (really cheap) // Necklace

Last weekend I made an unexpected appearance home and surprised my family! This trip back was especially fun because Ben was home for the first time since early August!! We tried to pack as much in as we could in two days and one of those was to go to the pumpkin patch and get some apple cider. Of course, I made him take some photos :/. (he tries to act like he hates his photo being taken but we all know guys actually like it) . If you're a local blog reader this pumpkin patch is the same place I went apple picking and can be found HERE. They also had a huge display of succulents... I was in h-e-a-v-e-n... even though I manage to still kill those dang things! Hope everyone had a great week (and hopefully weekend too!). 





 Sweater // Jeans // Boots (On sale!) // Purse

I went home this weekend for the first time in a month (with ben!!) and had so much fun. Being away at college makes me realize and appreciate what I special little town I grew up in. Stay tuned for Wednesdays post/video that shows a little bit of what I did this weekend!



Find picture HERE.

If you have been following Sophia Lee for a long time you know that every year I throw a Friendsgiving. Now that I am in college, I have debated whether or not I want to throw it. If I do I will definitely be taking inspiration from this post- isn't it so pretty?! Love how simple and elegant this table set-up is. 

Find picture HERE.

This would be such a great alternative to cake!! Looks pretty simple to recreate as well. 

Find picture HERE.

Some serious life goals here ;). 

Find picture HERE.
Can you believe that this kitchen is all from Ikea cabinets?! You have to see the before and after. So, so good. 

Hope everyone has a great and safe weekend!! You can find so many more of my favorite Pins at my Pinterest HERE!



Today's video goes over how my first month of college went!! I am really real in this video so be prepared... Also, want to be clear that I really do like college!! haha I hope it doesn't come across in this video that I don't. 


Jacket // Shirt // Pants (Under $20 and I cut them to look more like Toyshop jeans!)  // Shoes

Hey guys! Let me start out by saying that is the most scandalous thing I have ever worn... I felt very uncomfortable so I probably won't ever wear anything like this again haha. I wore this outfit a few weeks ago when I was at home in Milwaukee and am just getting to posting it. Is it just where I live or has fall officially arrived? I know this sounds kinda dumb, but I swear fall has a scent to it and that I can smell it outside! This weekend Ben came to visit me for the first time in LAX! It was quite the experience with many memories made!! As always it was so hard to say goodbye but lucky for me I am seeing him next week.. yes I am totally the gf that sobs over being apart for five days:/ sorry can't help it haha I have a super busy week this week and no motivation to do anything so take a second and pray for your girl that she doesn't flunk out of college ://// (kidding...hopefully)


I've never done a post like this before so I hope this is interesting to some people! Let me start out by saying, I am NO fitness professional at all haha like my friends should have written this for me because they are so much more fit than me! I have lost weight since being at college (probably due to the food being n-a-s-t-y) so I thought I would let you in  on the workout I've been doing here. For the last year and a half I have alternated between this workout and Kayla Itsine's 12 week program, which I LOVE, they just don't have the right equipment for doing it here:(. I took this workout and modified it from this one....that workout is for if you have hours! Let me know if you try this out and how you like it!!


Feature Image by Hello Fashion Blog
Editing Based off The Evergirl


Hi!! I am hoping everyone is having a great Wednesday, only two more days until Friday! Here is a quick makeup tutorial that I did when I was home the other weekend. Hope you enjoy!


Shirt // Jeans // Purse // Shoes 

I just got back from visiting Ben where he goes to college. It's always so fun to see him but I have a really hard time saying bye:( He goes to a small Christian school in Iowa and there is just something about little towns like that. Everyone (and seriously I mean everyone) says hi to you!! It was homecoming there this weekend so a lot of families were there and it was really nice to just be back in a "family" area. I do like college but I miss my fam! Now if only his college had interior design...;) This weekend was a great one but I am also trying to figure out my life. There has been so much happening in it lately that I have had to grow up fast (and my mind needs everything figured out way ahead of time). I am making a big decision that I will let you in on soon! Hope everyone is having a great monday!!