This purse is 50% off at Nordstrom's today making it only $24.99... you can find it HERE

These SHOES are one of my favorite shoes I own (and I just got a pair in black!). They are already so inexpensive (Here are the TAN versions and BLACK versions) but they have a red velvet one I have been eyeing this whole season. Today they are only $21.24... so good!! You can find them HERE


 (please ignore that piece of hair that should be on the other side of my head...its driving me crazy)
  Shirt: WhoWhatWear // Pants: Topshop // Shoes: Nordstrom // Purse: Rebecca Minkoff // Watch: Michael Kohrs // Sunglasses: Ray Ban

I found this shirt at Target part of WhoWhatWear's collection and I have been wearing it nonstop. I have been really trying to stock my closet up with things that would be great for my internship at Nate Berkus and this is definitely one of them. I hope everyone had a great week and happy Friday;).



Jacket // Scarf // Purse (Super similar Rebecca Minkoff HERE)  // Sunglasses // Boots

This was our first Christmas that we have stayed in Wisconsin. Usually, we go to New York and it has  been quite different transiting everything over here. However, we are tried to keep the traditions alive so we continued our Christmas Eve shopping! My family is usually very last minute and we would always have gifts that we would need to  get on Christmas Eve. All the cousins would pair off and we would get our shopping done and then meet at Pf Changs for lunch afterwords. It was so much fun! This year wasn't exactly the same, but I still had a great time shopping with my mom. 

I kept saying before Christmas that I can't believe Christmas is here and now that its gone I can't believe Christmas happened!! I hope everyone had the best day and remembered what it was all about. 


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 (FitBit for only $29 dollars!)  // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 

The day after Christmas is my absolute favorite shopping day of the year!! I am about to head off to the mall and here are some deals I found! There are some reallllyyy good ones.

Happy shopping;)


(I know this pic is a little scandy:/) PAJAMAS 

Merry Christmas BSL readers! I have had the best two days spending time with family, keeping our traditions alive, and appreciating what Christmas is all about. Yesterday I had possibly the best day ever which consisted of getting my nails and toes done with my Mom and sisters, doing some last minute shopping with my mom, and having some neighbors over for a Christmas Eve gathering. We also did our pajamas which is one of my favorite traditions that my family has. This year I would have to say these are my favorite pajamas yet! They are from J Crew and you can get them HERE

I hope you are all having the BEST Christmas! 


I have the belief that a way a gift is presented should be just as good as what is inside it. This has been instilled in my forever from my Godmother who always has her gifts perfectly wrapped. Please excuse all the bad quality of these pictures (the photographer tried his best (aka ben, he tried so hard but had no idea what he was ever focused on) and these were taken really late at night:/). 

I almost always get my wrapping paper from Target really early on in the season but with being at college I didn't get mine until after Thanksgiving. By the time, everything was picked through. Due to the selection, I ended up picking patterns I would have never before (aka the pink marble) but I am now loving it!! It's almost like its so ugly its cute haha. 


Hey guys!! Happy Christmas week! I have one more exam left and them I am DONE! I got this jacket last year at Forever 21 when it was a crazy good deal and have just started wearing it recently. I am so into camel coats right now though so I thought I would link some of my favorite ones!

OPTION 1 (supppperrr cheap.. not sure about the quality though! For how cheap it is though, I would risk it)

OPTION 4 (50% off right now!)


On another note- everyone is starting to come home from college! Ben got home on Thursday and I brought half my stuff back on Saturday. My sisters had their singing recital and I'll be completely honest, I did not want to go. I am the only one in my family that has no (and I seriously mean no) musical talent and sometimes I get very bored in that environment. I forced Ben to go with (he secretly wanted to go, he thinks he's a great singer and should be up on the stage) and it was so nice to hear my sisters. The intermission with all the cookies and hot chocolate was a plus also;). Bens brother and (NEW!) sister just got back from their honeymoon so Ben and I decorated there door and a little inside to surprise them! 



(same girl, same)

I know I am majorly last minute shopping and I bet some of you are too!! Here are some of the best deals I have found that I want SO bad... plz pray for me that I don't spend my whole bank account in the next two weeks:'). 

WOMENS LUCKY BRAND BOOTS: These boots are the perfect fall/winter boot and I've been eyeing them all season. Now that they're on sale, I reallllyyy want a pair! They come in a TON of different colors (I want black!).
FREE PEOPLE DRESS: I am thinking this Free People dress as a spring break  dress... all I can think about is warm weather!

MIRRORED RAY BANS: I actually just purchased a pair of Ray-Bans yesterday and was going between this pair and another pair #merrychristmastome. 

OVER THE KNEE BOOTS: Although, these are a little pricey they are probably the most popular item of the season. The sale is so good and if you're willing to splurge (and not a broke college student like me) I would definitely get them (in a size 7 so we can share;).

HERE is another over the knee boot for WAY cheaper but they honestly look the same to me.

MADEWELL JEANS: I am on a serious hunt for jeans and CAN'T find ones that look good on me!!! I have never tried Madewell jeans on, so I am not exactly sure how they fit but  I do know people that have them and love them! I also know that these never go on sale, so it's a good deal!

Another pair of jeans I like HERE.

UGG BOOTS: Okay, so maybe not the biggest fashion statement but I have seriously been living in my Ugg boots while here at college. They are so comfortable and keep my feet nice in warm in this freezing weather! These also never go on sale!! This sale is on all the colors!

PROM DRESS: Clearly I am not going to Prom this year but this is SO pretty. When I was a junior (which is the year we have prom at my high school) I started to look for dresses right around now! I want to relive Prom just so I can wear this dress haha

MICRODERM DEVICE: Okay this is a lame one but I seriously want this so bad haha. Lately I have been really into all things skin care and preventing wrinkles (I swear I am already getting wrinkles). I was talking to a women a few weeks ago who had amazing skin and she said its because of one of these things!! so duh, I want one now.

SMASHBOX MINI EYE, LIP, & CONTOUR PALLETE: I got Stella a Smashbox palette for her birthday in November and overtime I am home I steal it from her because I like it so much!! This has a really good combination of things and looks great for traveling!

Happy shopping!!

First picture from Hipanema.


Hey guys! I am taking a one week break from this little creative space of mine to study for exams.... at least try to study. I have been having major issues with focusing (like I swear I have done every single thing but study.. I even found my venue for my wedding, who it's going to be catered by, and what hotel everyone is going to stay in<----- hate myself hahaha). and if you're wondering I am NOT engaged and nowhere close to be so yeah like why am I doing this?!!?! ugh once again, hate myself hahah

I will be back next Wednesday with a new post... wish me luck!!!



Today is TWO YEARS with Ben!! Holy crap, it's been a lot of ups and downs... hahaha jk it has actually been extremely easy. I am so lucky to have him by side and always there to talk to him. He really is my best friend *cry/eyeroll emoji*. It's actually been much longer than two years but ben was a baby and took forever to make it "official." 

We have such a big weekend (his brother is getting married!!). I already am super tight with his (almost!) sister-in-law so we're already basically sisters;). Pray for the whole Hengst fam (plus me) that the wedding is amazing and that they have the best day ever!

Here is a video I made of Ben and my high school years... We are NOT a PDA type couple at all but theres a few awk parts so beware. It was young love, give us a break people;).

(eighth grade graduation)
 Freshman year Homecoming
(lol ugliest pic of all time plus cut other people out) Sophomore year Homecoming
 Prom Junior Year
 (Homecoming senior year)
 (prom senior year)
 (also prom senior year)
(random pic from this summer)
(engagement pictures!!! haha jk!!)
fav pic ever of us