Hey guys! Long time, no blog :( I have been consistently uploading content onto my Youtube channel so you should check out if you're missing some By Sophia Lee action!! This past weekend was my sisters grad party and I had so much fun planning it with her! I am going to be honest, I thought I was going to have to do everything for this party but she really stepped up. I am so mad because I barely took any photos! like literally these are the only two photos I have and there was so many more cute things (like a balloon photobooth wall!). Oh well, I was trying to enjoy the party. 

There are SO many more vids of the party from a new series I am starting called "Weekend in my Life" so you should definitely check that out if you want more of the party! You can find that video HERE


This past weekend we celebrated early Mother's Day early (I am heading to Iowa to pick up Ben!) and headed down to Chicago for the day. A few weeks ago while I was at my internship, they had me pick up some samples at the Restoration Hardware in downtown Chicago and the second I walked in I was in LOVE... like want to have my engagement shower, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception, baby shower, etc here. They not only have beautiful styled rooms but also a restaurant inside of it. It seriously is in the top five prettiest places I have ever been. Unfortunately the wait was 2.5 hours and we were all verging hangry so we ventured to another restaurant an Uber car away and it was amazing. It made for the most perfect day celebrating my Mama! 



My childhood home has gone up for sale which means I am moving which also means I am redoing my room! I have had the same furniture since I was in first grade so I am extremely eager to just redo everything. I go back and forth all the time what direction I want to go towards for my room design but I think I have landed on feminine-chic. I began searching beds awhile ago and never thought I would land on a black velvet headboard, but when I saw this upholstered bed I knew it was the one for me (hahaha so lame). Unfortunately, it is sold out everywhere!! So, I am crossing my fingers by the time I actually move it will be ready to go.

 I wanted to make sure I added some wood somewhere in my room because I believe every room needs a "natural" element to it and thought this night stand and dresser were the perfect mix of what I wanted. I already purchased this carpet (you can find my post all about this carpet HERE) and love that if I want to get rid of the feminine feel of this room I can easily change it with a different carpet. 

I got a little wake up call when I added up everything and saw how much this was going to be :/ I mean honestly, in my defense, I budgeted to get new of everything (from lighting, dressers, bedding, bed, etc) so it could have been MUCH more expensive. I have a feeling I will be figuring out cheaper ways to make this look happen (which would also make great blogposts so win-win).

Now onto, where have I been?! well, basically dead. haha obviously dramatized but I was really sick for the last three weeks and after a lot of steroids I am finally starting to feel better!! I started with the flu which then lead to a really bad eye infection and could barely be in any sunlight let alone stare at a computer. but I am finally back and so excited!



I truly believe that purses can make any outfit. I love, love, love how it can change the look and I have been eyeing so many bags lately!! Here are some of my favorites... 

I have been carrying my big totes almost everywhere I go and I have a big time carrying my small purses around now! THIS one is so cute and I love the tassel detail! They make it so easy to take your whole life with you. I had a total big girl moment with mine last weekend- I was at Forever 21 and was starting to get really hungry and I look in my purse and I have a whole bag of Whole Foods version of Cheetos (that makes it healthier, right?!)

THIS is such cute 

THIS is the perfect spring crossover. You know if you follow Sophia Lee that I LOVE Rebecca Minkoff and she does it again with this classic purse! butttt lets be real I really actually want THIS one....

If you're going to any festivals you should definitely look into getting a backpack purse... THIS one is so cute!

I am realllyyy close to buying THIS purse because it looks a lot like a Chloe purse but like 10% of the price :/



MY OUTFIT DETAILS: Shirt: Forever 21 | Pants: Topshop | Shoes: Steve Madden (and on sale!)

Hey guys! Today is an exciting post because I am collaborating with one of my favorite bloggers- Fran Acciardo! I have followed her blog for years (plus we live kinda close to each other!) and she is always coming out with the best content. She has an outfit on her blog and from reading her for so long I know it will be g.o.o.d! You can find her post HERE!

If you couldn't tell, I am loving off-the-shoulder tops! I know, nothing new from last year but this year if I see one with an interesting sleeve, you know I am going to end up buying it (ugh hate myself). I got this shirt from Forever 21 for less than $20 good! Down below is 5 more of my favorite off the shoulder shirts...I can almost guarantee you'll like them as much as me;)

I LOVE the cutout detail of THIS top.. so cute!

I have been reaching towards anything that is blue and white stripes... plus THIS is on sale! #winwin

Love the subtle ruffle detail on THIS off the shoulder!

Can't decide if THIS is childish or would be cute for Fourth of July... what do you think?!




Hey all!! Long time no post- it has been a crazy week! SO glad it is the weekend. Today on the blog I am featuring the most trendy shoes for spring. I always love shoes but recently I have been going c-r-a-z-y with them. I truly believe you can never have enough shoes ;) And also lets take a moment to highlight my boyfriend... he sent me these in the mail randomly one day!!! It was possibly the best package ever. Now onto the shoes...


THESE are the shoes I have... I LOVE them and will probably be wearing them every. single. day. (HERE is like the exact same shoe by a different designer)

THESE Marc Fisher shoes are SO cute and really similar to the ones I have (but honestly they have more detail so they might be cuter). 

I really, really like the perforated detail to THIS shoe.


THESE are the perfect peep toe boot and still springy even though the are black (is springy a word?).

I have always been eyeing laser cut boots and THESE ones are so cute.

....but I think I might like THIS perforated boot better!!


I am obsessed with studs on shoes and THESE studded sandals are SO cute!

LOVE lace up sandals.. I had a pair last year that I seriously wore all the time.

THESE are really popular among other bloggers.. I think they're cute but maybe only at a beach! These might be a little too much for me for everyday wear. 

Platform shoes are also extremely popular and I am seriously considering buying THIS pair. 

I hope you guys like all the shoe options! Now excuse me well I go shop my life away;)



Shirt: SheIn (unfortunately sold out but extremely similar HERE) | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Forever 21 | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Spring and summer are quickly approaching (as I write this during a snow storm...ugh) and I've started to narrow down my favorite go-to shirts. I have been wearing this shirt non-stop because its so comfortable and casual, but also gives a put-together look. Below are some of my favorite striped shirts that will pull together any outfit...

THIS shirt is really similar to the one I am wearing just with a beachier look! If you get it in a size or two big it would be such a cute coverup!

THIS Free People shirt would look perfect with boyfriend jeans (or shorts) and some dainty jewelry. 

I have a feeling THIS style shirt is going to be everywhere this summer. 

THIS is almost my exact shirt above just short sleeve! That shirt with some ripped white jeans and some open-toe boots would be so cute for a casual-dressed up outfit.  HERE is another super similar shirt that I might even like better because this one is lower in the back to cover your butt!

Happy Tuesday!



1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Every time spring rolls around I get SO into sunglasses... I am not sure what it is about spring but thats just where my love for sunglasses really comes out. I have rounded up some of my favorite pairs for this season in a lot of different price ranges!! If you can't tell I am trying to gear away from the aviators this year (only because I have like a billion which is why I did include my favorite pair... I really do l-o-v-e them) and am going for more of a chunkier look. 




 Shirt: sold out but similar HERE | Pants: Topshop | Shoes: Steve Madden

Unfortunately (or fortunately... however you want to look at it), God gifted me with some expensive hobbies including wanting to redecorate my room every other week... and also a way of thinking that I can convince myself I HAVE to have something. So, what did I do last weekend?! Kinnddd of redecorate my room. I only added a rug and a mirror but both of those added huge impact and were a pretty penny (at least for me, a broke college kid;). 

If you know my style, you will be just as shocked as I am that I got this pink rug. Don't get me wrong, I do love pink but this is a-l-o-t of pink! I justified my liking of it because I only have so many more years before I get married and my husband will let me have that bright of a pink carpet in my room. The rug is from Rugs USA and for a rug it was crazy cheap and it came in less than a week! You can find my exact rug HERE

The mirror I scored at Homegoods and I didn't like it in the store but it was such a good deal for that size mirror, I couldn't pass it up! I thought about spray painting it but I actually really like how it looks and I am all about the non-DIY route lately because I feel like every diy I do turns out looking tacky. :/ I will link some other mirrors I considered buying below for anyone interested! 

I came SO close to splurging on THIS mirror...I really wanted mirrored sides.

THIS mirror from Target is such a good price! 

THIS mirror from CB2 is a really great option if you want to go more modern. 

I hope you guys like this quick room re-fresh! Now if only I can get to cleaning the rest of my room...




Most seniors by now have their colleges picked out, starting to pick roommates, and beginning to put thought into how they want their dorm room to look (at least I think thats what I was doing last year right now…). I was really worried about how my dorm room looked (which honestly was stupid… you don't need a lot of decorations in your room. It just gets in the way aka my fifty pillows I thought I n-e-e-d-e-d!). Here are some of my favorite places you can find inexpensive dorm room decorations.

Homegoods: This one is obvious. First, Homegoods has an amazing selection from laundry baskets, storage, hangers, blankets, etc but it is also super affordable. I got most of my stuff last year from here and I still use the majority of it in my room today.

H&M: I don't know how many people know that H&M has a home section but you can score some really cool things from there! I haven't personally actually bought anything from the Home part so I can't speak personally about the quality, but I have read of other bloggers who recommend them.

Target: Okay you can seriously find everything at Target. Especially for your dorm. They not only have everything practical you need but you also can get some really cute decorative pieces. I got my bedding there last year for like $19 dollars… so good.  I just can't even explain how much I love Target haha

Wayfair: I don't know why, but I use to have a bad perception about Wayfair. Recently, I have seen so many people using things from Wayfair and they are all so cute!! Definitely recommend checking them out.




Shirt: HM | Pants: Topshop | Shoes: Target  
(also sorry for the crappy quality photo! It was taken at night so I had to bright it a ton but wanted to make sure you got this deal!)

I have to give Wisconsin some credit- we do luck out with all of winters clothing going on sale and it still being cold enough where we can easily wear the pieces! annndd thats where this sweater I got for FIVE dollars comes in. Can you believe it?! I got this sweater in size small and it fits me perfectly (baggier, which is what I wanted). I also don't have this color in anything so I really like that about it too! Unfortunately, I can't find this exact color but I did find it in gray and black which might be even better honestly. You can find it HERE

While trying to find this sweater I found a ton of other stuff that is super cute as well so I'll link some below!

Some really cute pajamas cause a girl always needs some cute pjs right;)

I have been loving turtle necks lately and this ONE could be super cute with black ripped jeans and a high boot. 

Honestly about to buy this dress because it's so pretty!!