Shirt: sold out but similar HERE | Pants: Topshop | Shoes: Steve Madden

Unfortunately (or fortunately... however you want to look at it), God gifted me with some expensive hobbies including wanting to redecorate my room every other week... and also a way of thinking that I can convince myself I HAVE to have something. So, what did I do last weekend?! Kinnddd of redecorate my room. I only added a rug and a mirror but both of those added huge impact and were a pretty penny (at least for me, a broke college kid;). 

If you know my style, you will be just as shocked as I am that I got this pink rug. Don't get me wrong, I do love pink but this is a-l-o-t of pink! I justified my liking of it because I only have so many more years before I get married and my husband will let me have that bright of a pink carpet in my room. The rug is from Rugs USA and for a rug it was crazy cheap and it came in less than a week! You can find my exact rug HERE

The mirror I scored at Homegoods and I didn't like it in the store but it was such a good deal for that size mirror, I couldn't pass it up! I thought about spray painting it but I actually really like how it looks and I am all about the non-DIY route lately because I feel like every diy I do turns out looking tacky. :/ I will link some other mirrors I considered buying below for anyone interested! 

I came SO close to splurging on THIS mirror...I really wanted mirrored sides.

THIS mirror from Target is such a good price! 

THIS mirror from CB2 is a really great option if you want to go more modern. 

I hope you guys like this quick room re-fresh! Now if only I can get to cleaning the rest of my room...



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  1. I love your room. The gold and white striped photo board is amazing. Did you make it? I want it for my room.