My childhood home has gone up for sale which means I am moving which also means I am redoing my room! I have had the same furniture since I was in first grade so I am extremely eager to just redo everything. I go back and forth all the time what direction I want to go towards for my room design but I think I have landed on feminine-chic. I began searching beds awhile ago and never thought I would land on a black velvet headboard, but when I saw this upholstered bed I knew it was the one for me (hahaha so lame). Unfortunately, it is sold out everywhere!! So, I am crossing my fingers by the time I actually move it will be ready to go.

 I wanted to make sure I added some wood somewhere in my room because I believe every room needs a "natural" element to it and thought this night stand and dresser were the perfect mix of what I wanted. I already purchased this carpet (you can find my post all about this carpet HERE) and love that if I want to get rid of the feminine feel of this room I can easily change it with a different carpet. 

I got a little wake up call when I added up everything and saw how much this was going to be :/ I mean honestly, in my defense, I budgeted to get new of everything (from lighting, dressers, bedding, bed, etc) so it could have been MUCH more expensive. I have a feeling I will be figuring out cheaper ways to make this look happen (which would also make great blogposts so win-win).

Now onto, where have I been?! well, basically dead. haha obviously dramatized but I was really sick for the last three weeks and after a lot of steroids I am finally starting to feel better!! I started with the flu which then lead to a really bad eye infection and could barely be in any sunlight let alone stare at a computer. but I am finally back and so excited!



  1. I can't wait to see what your new room looks like. Are you helping design the rest of the house?


    1. Yes, I will definitely be helping! It is one of my favorite things to do!!

  2. I am obsessed with what you put together. The sconces on the side of the bed would be such a perfect touch!


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