hey girl, welcome to By Sophia Lee!! You're currently in my little corner of the internet where I show all my favorite things and inspirations. From home decor to fashion to life hacks- I've got you covered! 


- How old are you?: I am currently 19 but in five days (aug 18!) I'll be 20 ;) I started this blog when I was 17 and most of my readers are between the ages of 15-25, but I love hearing from all ages. 

-Where do you go to school & what do you major in?: I go to a small Christian college in southern Wisconsin (go pack!!) where I am majoring in Interior Architecture and Design. I have career goals of opening my own design firm where I grew up and then expanding it nationally. 

-What is it like to have a blog?: I love it!!! It is seriously one of my favorite things to do. I am all about girl power and love sharing all of my finds with anyone who wants to listen (or read;). It is a lot more work than people think but it has led me to so many cool opportunities like interning at Nate Berkus Associates (which was a dream). I also love when I am out and about and people come up to me saying they read my blog or watch my Youtube videos. I used to be really embarrassed and kept my blog private from everyone I know, but it has taught me so much to own and be proud of what I do! If you are looking to start a blog and have questions, feel free to email me or DM me! 

-Where do I get my necklaces from?: I have a post coming up about this soon! Once its up, I'll link it here. If I haven't linked it yet, keep an eye out for it!

-Is your real name Sophia?: Hah! Actually, no (and my friends love to make it known thats not my real name!). A long time ago before I was taking this blog seriously, I bought the domain (which is the website name) "By Sophie Lee" but then forget the password! Rookie mistake. So, now I am stuck with By Sophia Lee but I think it sounds fancier so I like it better. 

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  1. Your blog header is gorgeous! Did you paint that yourself? :) I recently started trying out watercolor lettering as well, any tips?


    1. Hi Christine!
      Thank you! I just changed my blog header but the previous one I did do myself! Honestly, one night I just started trying watercolor fonts on pieces of paper and after about 100 (okay not that many, but seemed like it!) tries, I finally got one I liked. Just keep practicing!


  2. Hi! Just tried to add you on twitter from your blog, but whenever I click the twitter icon it takes me to a page that tells me what I'm looking for doesn't exist. What's your twitter username?

    Bridget xx


    1. Hi Bridget! I actually don't have a twitter so that's why, but I am planning on getting one in the future!

  3. Aw you're so cute and I'm so excited to follow along!!

    xoxo, Mal